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Sparking Night!

Aktualisiert: 23. Okt. 2023

At this location, the spark is sure to jump over... Last week Jens Braune del Angel and me were allowed to accompany the roadshow of PeopleCert - a new version of was released.

It was my first time at SPARK Europe (which surprises me a lot, since I've seen a lot of event locations in Frankfurt due to work...) and shooting there was really fun - a huge, curved screen gives the room a futuristic touch and the well thought-out lighting concept in combination with expensive furniture gives it a corresponding high quality.

"It's not an event, it's a sparking night," was the opening statement from the stage - and that's how it was: Table Games from Flying Tiger Copenhagen, a lively atmosphere, food, music. And a very warm customer contact - it was an honor. Christina Boubalou Eleni Nicolaides

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