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Shooting Stubai Alps

Aktualisiert: 23. Okt. 2023

Shooting Stubai Alps

Film shootings outside the comfort zone I had a few. Whether in Uganda in 2019, on smooth biathlon tracks for the IBU in 2020 or in Ukraine at the end of last year (I haven't reported on that here yet, that's coming ;)). But that the most dangerous shoot awaits me on a birthday of all things, I would not have thought...

A person standing on rocks

My buddy Dima turned 40 at the end of August and of course I had to have a special experience for the special occasion. While I would like to spend such an anniversary in Las Vegas, he thought, why don't we go to Austria and hike over the Stubai Glacier at 3,200 meters above sea level, where even sitting leaves you breathless. In the process, it will rain, fog will roll in, and over the days at the hut there's rockfall now and then.... So the twelve bravest of his friends came together - although, stop, actually only 11, because I had no idea what to expect...

For the film shoot I didn't take the Sony a7s3, I had already guessed that I wouldn't want to risk my working equipment in the conditions on location.

Instead, I relied on my newly assembled vlogging kit, which seems unbeatable in evaluating quality/risk of loss. (Right, @Colleagues?)

Part of that is my latest purchase, the new model of the toy, what I first held in my hand in Tenerife 2021: @DJI Osmo Pocket 3 Creator Combo. For the market price of about 450€, it offers excellent image quality outdoors during the day and strongly decreasing image in low light. It is well designed, simple in the UX and incredibly well stabilized. It surprises with some creative modes, at the end of the post a result from the hyperlapse mode for review.

Meanwhile very popular with me is also the DJI Spark - many years I deprived myself of the joy of flying, because it seemed complicated and possibly expensive. I even refused to do it with the DJI Mavic in Uganda back 2019. But the Spark is so easy to use and has so many safety features, that even beginners like me have low risk to kill it. And the flying is absolutely superfun.

Complementary taken for the car trips and possibly underwater pictures an action cam - there is nothing exciting to tell about it.

The film itself, which will be ready hopefully tomorrow, I probably won't publish, it's too personal, too intimate for that, meant only for Dima and the guest group (Whether Vegas or Glacier, in that respect it's the same - what happens there, stays there). But some pictures of the incredible weekend have to go out:

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