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*Make FLOORING great again!*

We been booked by #Geiger shooting their new youth recruiting campaign around two weeks ago - 16:9 main movie and 9:16 reels for SEA.

From overthinking the agency script the client got written, to putting together an amazing team (DoP Niclas Becker came all the way down from Hamburg), planning and getting through the shooting day, we delivered full service, in best agency manner, but without the long and complicated communication strings. The proposal of FPV-Droneshots was an absolute gamechanger idea - besides the amazing footage Simon Svat shot, the little flying something kept our amateur actors (current company trainees) entertained throughout the exhausting shooting day. Even if you don't need this footage, booking a drone just makes sense imho. Niclas shooting and Elis Aki being undeniable helpful as assistent to all of us, gave me the freedom to even make some behind the scenes inbetween directing.

I will share the results as soon the client publishes, stay tuned!

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