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*I went to the cinema to see myself...?!*How does it feel when your name appears on the big scre

How does it feel when your name appears on the big screen?

Pretty special...

Friends see Mayorov Media Logo in the Cinema... :O

In the last few months, several friends, clients and colleagues have asked me about my commercial in Frankfurt's arthouse cinemas (the commercial is produced by me, for Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt - it's not a commercial about me :) - only my logo appears at the end). Once it was even friends of friends, whom I met once at a party and never saw again, who surprised our mutual friend with the following message as a screenshot...

When it happened again on Tuesday and Nikolaus Münster asked me about it at the Frankfurter PresseClub e.V. -Treff (this time as a guest in the new FAZ Tower), I couldn't take it anymore - I hadn't even seen the spot in the cinema myself. During the tour, I booked the last seat in the sold-out Barbie screening at Eldorado (it was the only film in the programme - but I'm not ashamed ;)) and raced over from Europaviertel.

Thanks to the museum team for trusting me to realise a project of such scope with you (representing Dr. Corinna Engel, Timo Gertler, as well as exhibition curator Katja Weber).

Finally: Go to the KlimaX exhibition - it's worth it! But see for yourself:


Finally Nr. 2: This was not the first Cinema Production, tbh ;) We had another one, for the Visionale Hessen last year:

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