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How does the agriculture of our future look like?!

How does the agriculture of our future look like? Is it the cow with VR, the countryman with a drone or the self driving tractor?

Or how to get SEED investment, GROW the Startup or CROP the Cash... (sorry for the cheap puns...)

All these topics heavily discussed in the growth alliance networking summit hosted by TechQuartier.

Videoproduction was not from the future, but at least state of the art :) 2 Blackmagic 6k and a Sony a7s3 did their job - all talks and panels are recorded for further use.

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Endlich Release!

Unser Kunde Geiger, Großhandel für Holz, Bodenbeläge und mehr, hat die ersten Ergebnisse unserer Zusammenarbeit veröffentlicht. Für mich endlich die Gelegenheit, diese auch mit Euch, dem Netzwerk, zu


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